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Authentic Indian Restaurant!

We have been embracing the delicious Indian food in it's very original way and culture, right here in Sherwood Park. We serve quality and quantity at affordable prices.

We are really   well known and encouraged in the community and are always eager to provide fresh and tasty food.

We are here for any food related questions you may have.

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101 Granada Blvd.

Taste of India Express is convienently located in Sherwood Park Plaza, and click below for more info.



Indian Hospitality need no introduction and we live it every day at Taste of India Express.


Event Catering

If you have an event where you love to have our fresh food servings then contact us and we can help..

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Absolutely Hard to Resist Recipes

Mixture of the herbs & spices is key we unlock with every recipe every day

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a dish with origins in Indian cuisine. Tender, succulent pieces of marinated meats are cooked slowly and roasted over clay oven fire.

Indian Thali

Vegetarian and or Non-vegeterian items served in Indian Thali including variety of dishes compeleting a full meal with dessert.

Delicious Buffet

Everyday new dish in a buffet is another attraction at Taste of India Express with more of different mouthing watering dishes, enjoy.

Paneer Tikka

Indian cheese marinated with green pepper, red pepper, onion etc and cooked to its perfection.

Saag Te Makki Di Roti

The combination is just seomthing we love to serve as it loved by everyone who tries it once. I am hungry now..

Paneer Pakora

Paneer mixed with other delicious ingridents and dipped in batter coating to be fried till perfection.



Yummy food at Taste of India Express is just a click away!